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How we do it

CLiQ online is a marketing agency
that specialises in premium performance marketing, creates and executes various marketing strategies enabling online advertising agencies and direct advertisers to expand their brands, gets new clients, and reduces costs at the same time


Search Advertising

We eliminate non-performing keywords and specify queries in order to improve the quality of the reached audience.


We recapture non-converting clicks and draw back your visitors by creating targeted campaigns.

Display Advertising

Analyzing prime audiences via placements, topics and interest categories is key to our display strategy.

Lead Generation

We will drive only the most valuable leads to you, tracking them all the way through the funnel.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Filling the funnel is one thing. But we also provide strategy to increase conversions along with the volume.

Lifetime Value Optimization

One of the most important metrics for your business is a customer lifetime value which ensures long term profits and cash flow. We know how to optimize your customer lifetime value and can provide you with the strategy to do so.

About Us

We are an online marketing agency that focuses on pay-per-click advertising (PPC). Our main goal is to help you improve your customer acquisition strategies.

We blend gained experience with a forward thinking approach, placing importance on dedication, hard work and flexibility, while still appreciating the time we have for fun.

We’ve adopted such attitude from the first day of work, and our core values have allowed us to develop a vibrant community and meet the ever-growing market demands.

CLiQ online uses cutting-edge open source solutions to build its exclusive services.

We employ polyglot software development and make sure that we always use the appropriate tools to resolve any issues.

CLiQ onlines’ main principle is to get better and employ creativity in everything we do. We work at improving our strategies and enhancing our system development and quality with the use of modern technologies.

We are open to all sorts of partnerships and believe that they depend on a mutual reciprocity. We value our partners and build strong relationships by sharing knowledge and improving methods of cooperation so as to see better results.

CLiQ online operates in numerous countries and in various industries, including dating, credit card processing, and personal loans.

Partnership benefits

If anything of the above catches your interest,
CLiQ online is the company you need

Information exchange about the product that improves conversions

Geo expansion to target online users while at the point of sale wherever needed

Cooperation on content creation to position your brand as experts in your industry while educating users

Business expansion into new geo segments, channels and products

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